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Map 5: Trails in the Eagle's Nest Pass Region
Willmore Wilderness Park, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada

Nomenclature: Note - some places are unnamed on maps and the names are given by Ray Rasmussen
1,1a = campsites
2. Manzer Lake
3 = Knob with overview of Eagle's Nest Pass and Wildhay Valley
4 = Trail up to Wildhay Ridge [10 km long]
5 = Cathedral Trail to Jasper Park Boundary
6 = Cathedral Ridge [4 km long]
7 = Ridge Hike to East of Pope-Thoreau Trail
8 = Ridge Hike to Bury Ridge
9 = Caribou Lakes - game trails only
10 = Old cabins in Pope-Thoreau Valley
11 = Steam Engine
12 = Lower Carson Creek Trail & Camp
13 = Upper Carson Creek Camp
14 = Hay Summit Camp
15 = Thoreau Valley & Camp


Willmore Wilderness Park, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada. This webpage is about the relatively untouched and unknown Willmore Wilderness Provincial Park, located just north of Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountains bordering the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. It contains information and maps about hiking and horse back riding and outfitters in Willmore Wilderness Park. The webpage is done by Ray Rasmussen who has been hiking in Willmore Wilderness Park for more than 20 years.