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Ray Rasmussen's Guided Hiking Trips
Willmore Wilderness Park, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada

Summer 2017 Hiking Trips

(Click here for a Willmore Wilderness Park Slideshow)

Willmore Wildeness Park, nominated as a World Heritage site and known for its wilderness character, vastness and scenic vistas, is my favorite place in the Canadian Rockies to hike and take photographs. On these trips, our outfitter's pack horses carry our gear in the valley bottoms, while we hike in places like the one that the couple in the photo above are enjoying. The camps are set up to provide scenic vistas while also providing shelter in case of inclement weather. Hikers use their own tents and sleeping gear which are carried along with personal gear and food by the horses. This allows the hikers to enjoy themselves without heavy loads on their backs. The lack of snow on the ridge tops in July and August allows us to hike in rarely visited, highly scenic alpine regions. It is unusual to see any other hikers while on these trips.

These trips are for the average person – they are not hiking marathons. The aim is to enjoy the wildflowers, scenery and company. We use the services of several of Willmore's most experienced outfitters.

Please note: Ray Rasmussen is not a professional guide. He organizes trips of like-minded hikers and pays his own way. We share camp work, including cooking.

Trip Dates:

Mid July: 7-8 day trip: Most years, subject to who wants to give Willmore a try, I lead a short trip into a lovely base camp in the Eagle's Nest area. We hike in on day 1, do 5 day hikes, and then hike back out. All camp work, cooking, gathering firewood, etc. is shared.

End of July to early August: 14-16 days: This year we will do a circuit through some of Willmore's most beautiful country. Every other day we hike to a new camp. We stay at that camp for the next day and I organize a day hike for those who want it; some choose to do photography or enjoy camp.

This summer's trips are getting set up now. If you're interested in seeing the area, take a look at the slide show and if you want more information, drop me an email.

~ Ray Rasmussen


Willmore Wilderness Park, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada. This webpage is about the relatively untouched and unknown Willmore Wilderness Provincial Park, located just north of Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountains bordering the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. It contains information and maps about hiking and horse back riding and outfitters in Willmore Wilderness Park. The webpage is done by Ray Rasmussen who has been hiking in Willmore Wilderness Park for more than 20 years.