Wildflowers of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

This webpage is for people who want to know the names of the wildflowers that they see in Edmonton, Alberta and the Alberta, Canada's Capital Region. The focus is on North Saskatchewan River Valley and Parks and on native flowers, not on the flowers, beautiful as they are, that are grown in gardens and yards.

Not all of the wildflowers to be found in Edmonton are represented yet on this webpage. But, after looking through this web page, those of you walking the river valley pathways and trails should be able to find and give names to many of the flowers that they see.

I am not a biologist ... so, I've relied heavily on flower books to identify the flowers that I find floating into my camera's lens. If I've misnamed a flower, please let me know. Special credit goes to an excellent book that I highly recommend: Wildflowers of Edmonton and Central Alberta, by France Royer and Richard Dickinson, The University of Alberta Press, 1996.

If you have good images of local wildflowers, please consider adding to this web page. Of course, you will be credited.

Dedication: As in any municipal area, there are those citizens who are champions of Parks .. of the wild, unpaved places that make a city special. This web page is dedicated to those champions. If you want to know more about them and the current issues, click on the conservation links.

And, if you enjoy this web page, please consider a contribution to one of the organizations listed on the conservation links. They are currently fighting for the parks that will make a difference to the future of our city and to our grandchildren.

Ray Rasmussen