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This haiku genre journal links site includes English-language journal websites, blogs and print-only publishers. The sites feature one or more of the main haiku genres: haiku, haibun, haiga, and tanka. The links do not include publishers' or authors' websites that produce/show print collections. Journals come and go, but most of these links are relatively long-lived. Regrets if a link no longer takes you to the journal which would indicate that it has either stopped publishing or has changed its webpage address. Clicking on a link will take you to a new window with the journal's homepage while holding this page on your browser.

Online Haiku, Haibun, Haiga, Tanka, Linked Verse Journals

haikuA Hundred Gourds (all genres)
haikuArdea (multi-genre, multi-lingual)
haikuAsahi Haikuist Network (haiku)
haikuContemporary Haibun Online (haibun)
haikuDaily Haiga (haiga)
haikuDaily Haiku (haiku)
haikuHaibun Today (haibun)
haikuHaigaonline (haiga)
haikuHaijinx (all genres)
haikuHaiku Journal (haiku)
haikuInk, Sweat & Tears (all genres)
haikuKernals (all genres)
haikuLishanu (Interlingual, all genres)
haikuLynx (linking genres)
haikuMu (haiku)
haikuMariposa (Haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun)
haikuMulti Verses (all genres)
haikuNotes from the Gean (all genres)
haikuPrune Juice (senryu & kyoka)
haikuRoadrunner (haiku)
haikuSimply Haiku (all genres)
haikuShamrock (haiku & haibun)
haikuSketchbook (all genres)
haikuSkylark (tanka)
haikuThe Heron's Nest (haiku)
haikuThe Mainichi Daily News (haiku)
haikuThe Zen Space (haiku, tanka, haiga)
haikuTiny Words (primarily haiku)
haikuWorld Haiku Review (all genres)

Print Haiku, Haibun, Haiga, Tanka, Linked Verse Journals

haikuAcorn (haiku)
haikuAmerican Tanka (tanka)
haikuAtlas Poetica (tanka)
haikuBlithe Spirit (all genres)
haikuBottle Rockets (all genres)
haikuContemporary Haibun Annual (haibun & haiga)
haikuChrysanthemum (all genres)
haikuEucalypt (tanka)
haikuFrogpond (all genres)
haikuGusts (tanka)
haikuHaiku Pix (haiku, haibun, tanka)
haikuJournal of Renga and Renku (renga, renku)
haikuLilliput Review (haiku, tanka, free verse)
haikuMagnapoets (haiku, senryu, tanka)
haikuMayfly (haiku)
haikuModern Haiku (all genres)
haikuMoonbathing (women's tanka)
haikuPresence (all genres)
haikuRed Lights (tanka, tan renga)
haikuRed Moon Anthology (all genres)
haikuReeds (haiga)
haikuRibbons (tanka)
haikuSouth by Southeast (all genres)
haikuTiny Words Print Editions (primarily haiku)

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